Francisco Salavert Jiménez was born the 15 of september of 1981 in Barcelona.

                        At the age of 8 years old he started to study piano at the Acadèmia Marshall of Barcelona with the teacher Mª Teresa Monteys, with who he continued until finishing all his studies.

                        He has studied Medium Grade of Music Theory and Medium Grade of Piano with the teacher Mª Teresa Pardo at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu of Barcelona.

                        At the same music school, he also obtained the High Grade of Music Theory and the High Grade of Piano with the teacher Anna Mª Cardona.

                         He has studied for Primary School Teacher Especiality of Musical Education at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

                         He has done different concerts as soloist (El Casal del Metge de Barcelona, Agrupació Cultural Folklòrica de Barcelona, Auditori de L’Escola Municipal de Castellterçol) and as accompanist of soloists singers or of choirs of old people (Coral Castellterçol) and children (Coral Coloraines del Orfeó Gracienc de Barcelona).

                         He has worked as a teacher of piano, musical theory and harmony at the Escola Municipal de Música de Lliçà de Munt and at the Estudi de Música Harmonia de Barcelona.

                         Finally, he has been especialist of music at the Primary School Marcel·lí Moragas of Gavà, at the Primary School Pau Casals of Barcelona and at the Primary School Pont de l’Arcada of Olesa de Bonesvalls.

Concert at the Casal del Metge of Barcelona

Concert of the 50 Aniversary of the Castellterçol Choir